Bundle IQ is a business intelligence solution that combines data and insights to provide businesses with an overview of their operations.

Using a suite of analytics tools, collaboration, monitoring, and communication across live data is undertaken to achieve operational excellence.

With Power BI, you can expect to:

  • Manage real-time data from multiple sources on one dashboard
  •  Enjoy instant alerts with Power BI mobile apps
  •  Achieve operational efficiency and greater agility
  •  Minimise response times

For companies who wish to leverage our tools, Bundle will provide support and training to set up and link Power BI to Bundle systems.

This will include Power BI installation, connection to Bundle systems, deployment of standard dashboards, the provision of a customised Bundle report, and dashboard development service.

Costing covers a one-time setup fee totalling $900, which includes administrator training and standard dashboards. Customised dashboard development costs $150 per hour.

There is also a monthly support cost of $100.

Leverage Power BI for the smooth operation of your laundry business.