March 21

Laundry Trolley Tracking



Tired of having to replace expensive laundry trolleys, especially when you know they are still at your customer’s site?
Tired of your production team wasting valuable time searching and/or waiting for trolleys before sending out orders?

As part of our complete UHF transponder range for commercial laundries, Retex is proud to offer the new UHF TrolleyChip (T-TC900). The TrolleyChip has been especially designed to track laundry trolleys and bins in the laundry, and at the customer’s premise. Thanks to its robust design, the tag can be easily attached to metal trolleys and offers unprecedented reading performance. Unique laser etching of each chip allows for a personalised laundry name and trolley reference. With the unique trolley reference registered on our leading TRACK software, this allows the operator to visually check each trolley against dispatch dockets and stock reports. Trolleys can now be included in your onsite stocktakes using the Retex Handheld UHF RFID readers in conjunction with our TRACK software.

Customer benefits:
• High-performance RFID transponder for tracking laundry trolleys
• Rugged design for high durability
• Stable for high temperature and pressure washing
• Highest read performance when attached to metal
• Easily attached to trolleys with tek screws or rivets
• Customised laser etching of laundry name and asset number for quick, visual identification
• Fully ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class 1 (Gen 2) compliant

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